CAG: @leo_impelizieri @ViniciusVasc Welcome to our community!

It’s great to have you here with us today — thanks for attending.

Leonardo: Hello, everyone! It’s a pleasure to be here today. Thank you for your time and opportunity

Vinicius: Hi everyone, nice to meet you all!

CAG: Let’s start then 🙂

Could you please introduce yourselves and explain your role within NFTFY?

Leonardo: I’m Leonardo, CEO and co-founder of Nftfy. I’m an Electronic Engineer, but since 2018 I’ve been fully connected to the crypto market, when I joined BlockchainBH as Head of innovation and founded my first startup in the crypto…

Nebo: Hello Savo, thanks for being with us today! Let us know when you’re ready to start.

Savo: Hey guys, Glad to be here, let’s start ⚡️

Nebo: Perfect. Could you briefly introduce yourself and your role within dFund?

Savo: My name is Savo Vukcevic, The CEO of dFund. I come from the legacy finance world mostly and I am a hedge fund manager in real life, the youngest hedge fund manager of all time actually. dFund is an all encompassing DeFi platform which I imagine as the bridge between the legacy finance world and crypto, and in order to…

Eric: Hello everyone!

Nebo: Welcome Eric! Thanks for being with us today. Let us know when you’re ready!

Eric: I am ready.

Nebo: Awesome. Could you please introduce yourself and explain your role within Bitspawn.

Eric: My name is Eric Godwin, I am the Founder of Bitspawn. I have been involved in the crypto space since 2015 and I am a former competitive gamer.

I lead the team and product development for Bitspawn.

Nebo: Cool — could you briefly explain what is Bitspawn and how did it start?

Eric: Bitspawn is an open-source gaming protocol built with the goal of…

CSP DAO is glad to welcome Crypto Daku as a new partner. Sharing valuable knowledge between our communities will lead to a wider range of investment opportunities and making these earlier and easier access.

Crypto Daku

Crypto Daku is an enormous cryptocurrency community which operates on two Telegram groups. With over 40 000 members from all around the world, the community has already conducted over 200 AMA’s with many different projects since 2018. Besides AMA’s they also add value by supporting projects with marketing, branding, strategy and communication.

Their impressive and extensive network helps them get in touch with interesting…

Nebo: @constantin_papizh & @ascatelluma Welcome to our community!

It’s great to have you here with us today — thanks for attending.

Mira: Hello everyone.

Constantin: Hello!

Nebo: Let’s start!

Could you please introduce yourselves and explain your role within KELVPN?

Constantin: I come from southlands of Russia. Taken an MS degree in Computer Science, I was into R&D and software development in engineering branches, s.a UAV systems, numerical modelling and applied maths. The persisting institutional crisis and growing discredit of banking sector in my local area, in contrast to the dramatic advance of cryptoindustry and De-Fi worldwide manifestation, engaged me…

Nebo: Welcome Chris to our community! It’s great to have you here :)

Chris: Hi guys — sorry for the delay in joining. We have just finished off another AMA which went over time.

Great to be here!!

Nebo: Awesome! I’m sure you must be very busy so we won’t take much of your time.

Chris: Thanks for having you as part of the Collateral team.

Nebo: My pleasure :) Let’s start!

Can you introduce yourself and explain your role within Collateral?

Chris: Of course. I am Chris Longden the CEO and founder of Collateral

Nebo: Excellent, can you briefly…

CSP DAO keeps on growing to accommodate the ever-increasing needs of our ecosystem. We are excited to announce our new Community Partners — Crypto Avengers is a telegram group and a gem hunting team focused on delivering value to its community. This partnership will consist of sharing research, increase our marketing power and experience between the organizations, which would help bring more exposure and support to our investments and benefit our partners.

About Crypto Avengers

Crypto Avengers is a robust community of crypto traders and investors worldwide who share research information about very high potential cryptocurrency projects at an early stage. …

We are proud to announce KELVPN as an addition to our portfolio.

The first ever deanon-proof VPN is already in prod. It keeps your data safe by tunneling it between the blockchain nodes and encrypting it with variable quantum-safe encryption. No one have even an ability to track your data.

Download: Onion routing and data packaging safeguards your data, bank card details, personal information, and passwords.

Servers: KELVPN is based on disseminated nodes that can be located anywhere — on a notebook, a private server, or a smartphone. If your current node has problems you may change it immediately…

We are proud to announce KickPad as an addition to our portfolio.

KICK is a presale and liquidity-locking platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The smart contracts automatically add and lock liquidity after the presale is over — reducing rugpulls and increasing investor confidence.

-Easy, transparent presales: Users can create their own presale pools and select how much of the sale proceeds will be added to liquidity to PancakeSwap, and how long the liquidity will be locked for.

-Automatic liquidity locking after presale: the KICK smart contracts automatically route sale proceeds to PankaeSwap and lock the LP tokens in our…

We are proud to announce BlockBank as an addition to our portfolio.

BlockBank — Non-Banking APP:
-Non-Custodial Wallet
-Uniswap Trading Portal
-Portfolio Manager
-Fiat on-ramp
-Giftcard off-ramp

BlockBank — Banking 3.0: BlockBank is building decentralized financial services and infrastructure for Banking 3.0, which involves a wide range of users from sophisticated funds and crypto whales to beginners. …


Decentralized Fundraising Platform

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