CSP DAO Strategic Partnership with Titans Ventures

We are excited to announce that CSP DAO is entering into a Strategic partnership with Titans Ventures, Vietnam’s leading incubator which specializes in marketing, growth and incubation for early-stage high-quality blockchain projects. Through this partnership, CSP DAO will offer advisory services to Titans Ventures. With its years of experience in the blockchain industry, CSP DAO will assist Titans Ventures in project research and projects investments.

Titans Ventures

Located in Hanoi City, Titans Ventures focuses on the Blockchain industry including doing researches, holding conferences, running promotional campaigns and introducing new products to its passionate Vietnamese community.

Through its extensive network of partners and community, Titans Ventures will support projects investments and incubations of CSP DAO, with marketing support through their local resources, high profile conferences and local meetups.

The team of Son Pham (Founder and CEO) consists of 35–40 people of which 5 are core members and about 30+ full-time researchers and copy-writers. Within two months they have rapidly achieved over 3.5k followers on their Twitter account and backing the following projects: MerchDAO, Unido, Kylin Network, Beyond Finance, Konomi Network, IOI-game, etc.

CSP DAO will mainly serve as an advisor to Titans Ventures in several different aspects like research, expansion and investment.

“We are excited to work with CSP DAO and believe this partnership will be very fruitful to both of us” — Son Pham, Founder.

About Titans Ventures

Titans Ventures is Vietnam’s leading Incubator whose mission is to create a convenient and professional investment environment for individual and institutional investors as well as provide optimal financial solutions for corporate customers.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Titans_ventures


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