CSP DAO Project Review: Damex

4 min readMay 15, 2022


Damex is a sports application that uses cryptocurrency or NFTs to reward users for being active. Damex is promoting sustainability by reducing carbon footprint, incentivizing people to be more active by rewarding them with cryptos and NFTs, and also working with local stores to help them engage with their customers in new and unique ways.

With the Over The Counter (OTC) service, Damex business delivers 24/7 trading services to facilitate the buying and selling of large volumes of digital assets (crypto-fiat/fiat-crypto) for individuals and institutions.

Damex is one of the first licensed and regulated DLT providers in Europe. They are licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission to offer digital asset custodianship and broker-dealer services. In addition, Damex is also registered with the FCA as an authorized EMI distributor under MODULR Finance. This allows Damex to issue IBANS and sort codes to clients within the Damex ecosystem.

Damex have also executed over 2 billion EUR in crypto transactions since 2017 for their 500+ clients. Furthermore, users can start accepting crypto payments with Damex B2B crypto pay-ins and pay-outs, C2B crypto processing, cross border crypto payments, OTC desk, crypto custody and crypto API’s/Widgets allowing customers in external ecosystems to purchase digital assets fuelled by DAM.

Damex continues to provide a variety of digital asset solutions for their diverse clients within a regulated framework. The highly-experienced team is focused on making ownership and management of digital assets easier and secure whilst working with their clients to further the future of digital assets and the use of distributed ledger technologies.

Damex culture comprises a fusion of three unique components: Transparency, accountability and innovation. The platform’s current Headquarter is in Gibraltar, and they have a growing presence in Spain, the UK and Miami. Additionally, the recently approved Damex Visa debit card will start shipments before the end of the year. Leveraging the Damex Visa cards, users can receive their salary into their Damex app, pay bills or send payments to friends and families.


  • Deep liquidity, no slippage and secure custody using fireblocks
  • A personalized experience and bespoke OTC VIP team working 24/7 to service user’s needs
  • Flexible settlement services with bank accounts globally and DLT licensed and regulated in Gibraltar
  • Minimum trade $50k, and they support more than 200 Cryptocurrencies


The Damex application is currently undergoing testing, regulatory review and authorisation. Plus, the public release and features of the application will be subject to Damex’s permissions and authorisations. Through the damex app, users will be able to carry out the following activities:


Users can easily buy, sell and exchange fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Users can make exchanges with deep liquidity, low fees and high speed.


The Visa approved Damex card links to users EURO/GBP wallets in the Damex application. Users can deposit crypto, exchange crypto to fiat and spend fiat using one of the Damex debit cards.


Users can top up their account by using a debit card, or fund the account by wiring funds to a unique IBAN account in their name. They can easily exchange funds on account in other currencies as well as pay their bills by wire transfer.


Users can enjoy the benefits of being premium members, which includes more cashback, discounted exchange fee, free withdrawals, extra refer friend bonuses.