CSP DAO Project Review: Born To Die Game (BTDG)

Born To Die Game (BTDG) is a AAA-class P2E 3D Shooter Game, where gamers fight against the environment, and each other to complete different challenges/missions, to unlock teleportation and time travel in the metaverse. With advanced AI, dynamic gameplay, Proof of play, in-game and rare NFTs, and more, BTDG aims to redefine blockchain games, and GameFi.

Unlike other NFT projects, BTDG started with game development first, in 2019. The GameFi model is designed for different stakeholders and goes deep and wide in connecting gamers, investors and traders in every aspect of the gameplay, with everyone having an opportunity to participate and earn with BTDG. More so, there are four main activities in the game including staking and rewards, passive income, marketplace, exchange/swap.

The game will offer multi-chain gameplay and will support wallets for multiple chains such as ETH, Polygon, BSC and Solana

Currently, BTDG is targeting South-East Asia, USA and India. BTDG will be available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. In the future, the game will also be released on consoles like Playstation and Xbox.


For Gamers

PVE (Phase 1) — This is a single player version where gamers play against the AI. There are 10–15 missions in each game. For every kill, and every mission completed, gamers will earn tokens ($BORN). Players have an opportunity to win between $50 — $1000 per mission.

PVP (Phase 2) — This is a multiplayer mode where players would be fighting each other in the environment. Gamers will stake $BORN and the winner takes all. This mode can consist of 2 to 5 gamers. Each gamer for themselves.

Battleground (Phase 3) — This is also a multiplayer version where players would be fighting from 50 to 100 different gamers, along with AI to complete missions. Gamers will stake $BORN and the top 10 gamers will earn rewards. They can win up to 50x — 60x their staked tokens.

For Investors

  • Hero NFTs stake is sold as derivatives. 70% of the revenue is distributed to investors.
  • Hero NFTs stake is also given as rent to one-time gamers. 30% of their earnings is shared with investors.
  • Gamers who own Hero NFT derivatives share 10% of their earnings with investors.
  • Hero NFT investors get free airdrops of some in-game assets, games passes and so on.
  • World NFT investors get 70% share of gameplay fees.


The GameFi model has been designed from ground up considering gamers, investors and traders, and also ensuring it is balancing the ecosystem perfectly.

Unlike other P2E projects, Born To Die Game employs a skill tree approach. As such, players are given different roles and directions to explore. With different levels, dynamic game map, and ever-evolving environment, every gameplay is different and challenging. This unlocks various in-game assets like Rare NFTs, Upgrade NFTs, Weapons, Armours, Skins and more.

Some gamers can choose to farm weapons, skins, armours, etc, while others move on to the challenges and achieving goals. More so, the BTDG team can decide to give additional rewards and NFTs, making the list of rewards and benefits non-exhaustive.




The Born To Die Game is valued by its dual token utility system which include $BORN and $DIE.

Born Tokens are the native utility and governance tokens in BTDG. $BORN is used as the primary currency for all activities or transactions outside of the gameplay.

$DIE tokens are the in-game utility tokens in BTDG. Gamers earn $DIE and spend $DIE to mint NFTS in the gameplay.



The team comprises highly experienced individuals who have worked as game developers on some of the leading AAA games, the biggest Hollywood movies, cryptocurrency exchanges, and fully understand the crypto market.


Official website: https://borntodiegame.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/borntodieofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BornToDieGame

Discord: https://discord.gg/2ssGYsr9pQ

Linktree: https://t.co/GivnnGkNSv




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