CSP DAO Partners with Wolves of Uniswap

3 min readJan 27, 2021


CSP DAO is proud to announce a new and exciting collaboration with Wolves of Uniswap

With Wolves of Uniswap being one of the most successful research communities for discovering new DEFI-projects, we are excited to collaborate to further improve the CSP DAO network.

Under the partnership deal, Wolves of Uniswap will step in as a long-term strategic partner, assisting with research, community management, education and marketing within the CSP DAO ecosystem.

Founder of the CSP DAO, Nebo, had this to say regarding the partnership:

“This partnership will push both CSP DAO and the Wolves of Uniswap to new heights. We can’t wait to implement the necessary actions to enhance and better our existing strategy to reach our goals. Our strengths complement each other. This collaboration will make sure we have the necessary team in order to maintain the growth and scalability of the CSP DAO.

Co-Founder of Wolves of Uniswap, ZeroCap said:

“We are very excited to collaborate with CSP DAO on showcasing and exploring the possibilities within both our communities. As part of the partnership, the Wolves team is already working hard to implement new ways to broaden the reach and potential of CSP DAO. We can’t wait to add more value for our community members with this partnership.”

Partnership Details & What it Means

The strategic partnership with Wolves of Uniswap is an on-going process and close partnership that will be extended into the long-term. The Wolves of Uniswap team will contribute by adding active community moderators in all the public CSP DAO channels. This will ensure that more of our community members can get the help they need, and that the community will be better informed on upcoming CSP DAO updates and improvements.

The Wolves of Uniswap team will also take a bigger role in the marketing and managing the social platforms with CSP DAO, facilitating for growth and expansion to new regions and users. These changes are already being implemented.

As a part of the partnership, CSP DAO and the Wolves of Uniswap will collaborate to create a small special pool allocation only available to the Wolves of Uniswap community users. This pool will be made available through Wolves of Uniswap lotteries and competitions, and will be the first of its kind.

In order to be eligible to join any of the lotteries and competitions, you have to hold 10 NEBO tokens at the time of the draw. If you are a winner and get a spot in the early access sale at the time, you have to hold your 10 NEBO tokens until the tokens of that sale are distributed. Tokens will not be distributed if the minimum requirement of 10 NEBO is not met.

The details surrounding the lottery requirements are subject to change.


We take a lot of pride in the partnerships we have acquired and the due diligence we do in order to ensure the quality and security of our partners. Here are a few examples of the deals we have secured, including the ATH multiplier since the CSP DAO investment price.

Check out the Wolves of Uniswap:

Website: https://wolvesofuniswap.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/uniwolves

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