CSP DAO Partners with SpykeFast

CSP DAO is pleased to announce it will be joining forces with an experienced telegram community within the cryptocurrency space. Sharing and verifying valuable knowledge between both parties and providing a significant increase of exposure and support to investments, are the foundation of this partnership.


SpykeFast is a community in which traders, investors and researchers from all over the world, share research information about very high potential cryptocurrency projects which are at a very early stage. The group is founded and operated by two well-known Crypto-Twitter personalities: HunterX and GemFlair; with a specialization in discovering and selecting the so-called “Gems💎”.

To get essential information from selected projects, SpykeFast also conducts AMA’s and leads them to get answers on all the questions from their community. On their medium account they save summaries about all their AMA’s, so this valuable information isn’t lost and is accessible to everyone! Furthermore, in their Telegram channel they share news, analytics along with marketing and communication to support various projects.

The most recent AMA’s were with: Constellation Network, RioDefi, Finxflo, Kira Network, Reef Finance, DefiCliq, Polkastarter, Base Protocol, Lattice Exchange, Yearn Finance Passive Income. Lately they also got themselves into partnerships with DuckDao and PowerKee.

SpykeFast has over 4K+ members within their telegram community and is growing on a daily basis. The Twitter accounts from the founders have a combined influencing reach to over 15K+ followers.

“Sharing information and knowledge between our communities is a big step forward to expanding the exposure of our community and to give them the best investment opportunities” — (HunterX, Founder of SpykeFast).

Official SpykeFast channels:

Telegram: https://t.me/spykefastofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/realsch1

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gem_Flair

Medium: https://medium.com/@spykefast

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