CSP DAO Partners with Crypto Avengers

2 min readMar 27, 2021

CSP DAO keeps on growing to accommodate the ever-increasing needs of our ecosystem. We are excited to announce our new Community Partners — Crypto Avengers is a telegram group and a gem hunting team focused on delivering value to its community. This partnership will consist of sharing research, increase our marketing power and experience between the organizations, which would help bring more exposure and support to our investments and benefit our partners.

About Crypto Avengers

Crypto Avengers is a robust community of crypto traders and investors worldwide who share research information about very high potential cryptocurrency projects at an early stage. The group is founded and operated by a well-known Crypto-Twitter personality: ThorXCrypto (an Ex-Amazonite), a great researcher and gem hunter.

With a reach of about 2.1k+ crypto enthusiasts on telegram, Crypto Avengers is growing daily. The Twitter accounts from the founder have an influencing reach of well over 5.7K+ followers as of the time writing this article.

Cryto Avengers connects top-tier blockchain projects with smart money investors by producing AMA content regularly. So far, they have covered many projects interviews, bringing the best projects to its community. Some of the recently conducted AMA’s were with: MobiFi, Verum Protocol, Nodle, Frax.Finance, Passport.Finance.

Using his years of experience, the founder @ThorXCrypto maintains a public Crypto Avenger list, the list of the most innovative projects in this space with top VC backing and a strong team. This list is updated periodically, and many of the projects in this list have been listed on exchanges and are trading on really high multiples.

“The partnership with CSP DAO creates a lot of opportunities for both communities, as both organizations are aligned to shared values. We are thrilled to combine efforts to help with research and marketing for projects by combining our expertise in the space” —

ThorXCrypto, Founder of CrytoAvengers.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThorXCrypto

Telegram: https://t.me/HiCryptoAvengers


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