CSP DAO Partners with Bigcoin Vietnam & Mayor Capital

Today CSP DAO is excited to announce two brand new partnerships, in order to extend its reach to investors in digital assets. These partnerships will not only increase accessibility and awareness for all three parties, but it will also offer more investment opportunities and knowledge about upcoming new blockchain projects.

The first partnership to mention:


Bigcoinvietnam Company, also known as Bigcoin Vietnam Capital, is one of biggest venture capital funds in Vietnam focusing on the blockchain industry. They are also a valuable, conscientious communication partner and consultant for ICO’s and crypto projects in terms of various marketing services.

The company was founded in 2017 with the mission to be the connection between blockchain technology and the Vietnamese community through: https://bigcoinvietnam.com. From early 2018 on, they are successfully organizing the main Blockchain events in Vietnam. Furthermore they are holding AMA’s, meetup’s and other kinds of marketing for a lot of projects in the blockchain industry.

Along the way they have made some notable partnerships which includes, Icogens, Cryptodiffer, Rivex, Kardaichain and MCX-exchange.

-“We are very pleased with this collaboration and convinced that this will be of great benefit to both”- (Nguyen, Marketing-/ community manager at Bigcoin Vietnam)

The second partnership to mention:


Mayor Capital is a Vietnam-based investment fund, established in early 2017. They are investing and participating exclusively in, pre-sales, ICO’s, IEO’s, and DeFi airdrop stages of token generation events and equity investments from blockchain companies.

The main mission of Mayor Capital is on one side to realize the future of blockchain economy by consulting in game changing projects and companies. On the other side they provide active value adding portfolio management to reach long-term financial goals for their members, through their investment strategies.

Mayor Capital’s investment professionals have more than 10 years of wealth management experience and are currently managing million dollar cryptocurrency portfolio’s.

-“Together we can strengthen and further expand our investment portfolios”- (Manager relations at Mayor Capital)

Official links:

Bigcoin Vietnam

Website: https://bigcoinvietnam.com

Telegram: https://t.me/BigcoinVietnam

Mayor Capital

Website: https://mayor.capital

Twitter: @mayor_capital

Telegram: https://t.me/mayorchat

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