CSP DAO invests in STORE

We are proud to announce STORE as an addition to our portfolio.

STORE is bringing Cloud 2.0 to the world with a zero-fee cryptocurrency and checks and balances governance. STORE is competing in the emerging $500b cryptocurrency industry, the fast growing $35b PoS economy within crypto. and the growing $270b public cloud computing economy.

STORE is a blockchain-powered computing platform that relies on a novel consensus mechanism (BlockfinBFT) to provide leaderless, asynchronous, and Byzantine Fault-Tolerant validation of zero-fee settlement transactions. BlockFinBFT addresses scalability, security, communication, and decentralization challenges in high performant cloud and edge computing environments with a multi-tier, async, parallel, and pipelined BFT consensus algorithm.

Competitive Advantage

STORE also offers miners attractive, industry leading inflation-adjusted returns in comparison with most of the major protocols currently available on the market.


Chris McCoy, CEO — One of Marc Andreeseen’s 55 Unknown Rockstars in Tech, Founder at Data4America
Rag Bhagavatha, Chief Architect — Helped scale Apple’s iCloud, Cisco’s WebEx and more
Charles Belle, COO — Founder at Startup Policy Lab, Lawyer
Jack Emery, Creative Director — Award Winning Creative Director with campaigns for Nike, Netflix, Google and McDonalds.


James Staten — Former GM+Chief Strategist of Microsoft Cloud
Mark Ramber — Former GM of Amazon Web Services, Media and Entertainment
Ari Paul — Co-Founder and CIO at Blocktower Capital
Simon Yu — CEO and Co-Founder of Storm



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