CSP DAO invests in Showcase

We are proud to announce Showcase as an addition to our portfolio.

Showcase is an NFT mobile application designed to empower micro influencers and fans. Influencers use the in app creator tool for friction-free minting of NFTs.

The mission is to give people the means and methods to become artists, and give artists the means and methods to become social entrepreneurs impacting the world. The vision is a world where everyone can be a unique artist, build their tribe of fans and earn money based on their talents and positive contributions to their communities and societies.

How it works: Create unique and rare limited edition badges backed by your brand and sold to your supporters. Badges are permanently secured on the Blockchain and cannot be duplicated or cheated.

Step 1: Tell your fans you’re launching a badge on Showcase
Step 2: Create a custom badge, and Launch!
Step 3: Let your supporters showcase your brand



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