CSP DAO invests in PlasmaPay (PPAY)

We are proud to announce PlasmaPay as an addition to our portfolio.

PlasmaPay is a digital payment DApp with Crypto/FIAT accounts, the biggest fiat on- and off-ramp infrastructure and DeFi services. It is built on Plasma DLT which is a blockchain and DApp infrastructure made to decentralize the CeFi industry.

PlasmaPay is licensed in Europe as a cryptocurrency wallet and crypto exchange, and operates in 150+ countries and working with different financial institution to provide for users fiat on- and off-ramp.
PlasmaPay has a working product operating in over 160 countries since 2018 and served more than 100.000 customers.

Use cases:

- VISA debit card backed by DeFi, to spent Crypto and DeFi-tokens in real time or to cash out at ATMs
- a DEX platform to purchase DeFi tokens via Bank wire, bid/ask liquidity pools, trading
- a DeFi Dashboard (P2P loans, Borrowing/lending, synthetic financial assets, CDP on multicurrency collateral)



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