CSP DAO invests in Paralink Network

We are proud to announce Paralink Network as an addition to our portfolio.

Paralink is a cross-chain data ingress engine built on Polkadot — Simply put it is a cross-chain Oracle.

Problem: Blockchains are closed systems as we already know and need and can’t be used to solve problems where external data feed is totally in control of institutions & corporations.

Currently we have Oracles like Chainlink, DIA, API3 etc. with inherent limitations like:

- Ethereum transactions are expensive
- Not so scalable in real world practice
- No cross-chain communication
- No expressive ETL system and/or a query language

Real world data Ingress : Done by Paralink nodes and Paralink Query Language (PQL) -Query SQL databases, web APIs, scrap websites as well as get state from other chains. Deliver computational results via on-chain relayer quorums.

Paralink nodes and query language:
- Query APIs, other blockchains
- Support for multiple data sources
- Apply math functions, type casting, aggregation (mean/median etc.), validation rules for min relayers and variance threshold

On-chain Security: Relayer quorums will get incentive or punishment accordingly as per correct or false reporting. They are self-organizing data repositories built on polkadot and able to communicate with other chains like Ethereum via relayer bridges. Reliability is monitored via public reputation systems.

Paralink Infrastructure:
- Interoperability -Cross-chain communication with other blockchains.
- Superior Speed -Heterogenous sharding with upto 1M TPS
- Shared Security -Secured by Polkadot POS relay chain




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