CSP DAO invests in NFT Tech

We are proud to announce NFT Tech as an addition to our portfolio.

Create and Collect digital art
-One-click NFT creation, no coding knowledge needed
-Find a market for your creations. Artists can issue authenticated single edition digital artworks
-Every NFT is certified on the Ethereum blockchain.

Buy and sell through a liquid marketplace
-NFT Tech is the first digital art marketplace with a sophisticated matching engine
-Trade NFTs like any other liquid asset by accessing the bid-order book
-NFT owners can resell their asset on the secondary marketplace
— Each art piece is evaluated through the NFT valuation system

-Showcase your collection
-Display your art collection to patrons around the world
-NFTs can be showcased in a VR gallery or digital display
-Entice collectors on the secondary market by promoting your gallery

-Become a liquidity of provider
-NFT evaluation system will be shared with other platforms
-Liquidity providers for the NFT Tech matching engine can also fill the order books of other digital art marketplaces
-Liquidity providers can allocate liquidity towards the lowest valuation of a NFT allowing them to acquire assets at the lowest possible value
-The engine can automatically resell NFT’s acquired at the minimum and stream the profit to LPs

Hedge your digital art collection
-Borrow funds by using your NFT as collateral
-Hedge against possible declines by borrowing stablecoin assets
-Extend your NFT collection using borrowed funds




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