CSP DAO invests in Jigstack

We are proud to announce Jigstack as an addition to our portfolio.

Problem: The current ETH landscape is fragmented, as more than 365K token contracts have been deployed to date. Each project varies in purpose or quality, yet most of them are- or soon will be financially redundant.

Solution: Jigstack is the first decentralized ETH-based DAO with a conglomerate structure. Its purpose is to govern a range of high quality, revenue-generating network solutions on the ETH blockchain. Jigstack houses a myriad of ETH based commercial tools operating under the governance of this single DAO. Additionally, the infrastructure encompasses a single revenue and governance feed, orchestrated via the native Jstack token.

-Quality Standardization: Any dApp deployed under the Jigstack DAO umbrella will adhere to a high and uniform quality standard.
-Brand Confidence: All network dApps and products built under the Jigstack brand will benefit from market-wide trust and confidence.
-Reduced Risk: Diversification reduces investment risk for token holders. In this format, any single subsidiary product performing below expectations can be counterbalanced by other platforms under the Jigstack DAO.
-Collective Power: The Jstak token governs the distribution of revenue from all dApps developed under the Jigstack DAO umbrella
-Multiple Revenue Streams: All network products can feed off each other’s capital and userbase to create an interwoven and robust mutually-dependable sub-economy.




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