CSP DAO invests in CUDOS

We are proud to announce CUDOS as an addition to our portfolio.

CUDOS provides for the first time a novel layer 3 to blockchain networks, in order to allow them to run any kind of compute jobs, by seamlessly integrating its cloud solution to the blockchain one. The CUDOS network comprises a set of smart contracts that act as compute oracles, connecting blockchains to secure external sources in a decentralized way. By allowing smart contracts to request off-chain computation, CUDOS offers a Turing-complete solution which can run code in any language, such as Phyton, Go or C++.

Connection to the outside world is done via CUDOS Validator Nodes (CVNs), which are one of the main pillars of the CUDOS network. Developers can choose smart contracts by the level of decentralization they want, by selecting how many CVNs should receive and run the desired code.

CUDOS acts as a free market system where the computational prices offers set by supplier are matched to ensure that the consumer gets the best price available at any given time. Prices will be quoted in fiat currency for the purpose of pricing stability, however payment can be made in fiat or various crypto assets.




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