CSP DAO invests in Cash.Tech

We are proud to announce Cash.Tech as an addition to our portfolio.

Digital currency conversion, payments, staking, and lending. Take complete control over your digital currencies. All within one app.

Problem: Digital currencies are rarely used as they were originally intended. Holders infrequently transact and there are few opportunities to spend in the real-world. The world of digital currencies has become a global casino

Solution: Simple and straightforward, Cash Tech makes it easy to spend and use digital currencies. Merchants or holders can download the app and immediately spend and receive digital currencies. Store, lend, convert, stake, and spend. It’s all possible with the Cash Tech app.

Consumer Features:
-Mobile Payments: Easily make digital currency payments from your mobile phone. No bank account or debit card needed
-Merchant Payments: Spend your digital currency with over 500,000 merchants.
-Rewards Program: The Cash Tech rewards program offers lucrative incentives for both merchants and consumers. Paid when you pay, and paid when you get paid
-Global Payments: Send digital currency anywhere within the Cash Tech network. Easily receive digital currency and exchange into a fiat currency of your choice.
-Exchange: Both consumers and merchants can easily exchange bilaterally between digital currency and fiat, and between other crypto currencies. Cash Tech charges NO FEE.

Merchant Features:
-Instant Settlement: Transactions are settled almost instantly in a merchant’s local currency.
-Payments Data: Merchants can receive data on their payments history. Such data can be used to market to new and existing customers.
-Affiliate Program: Merchants can earn rewards from payments made by referred users.
-Marketing and Campaigns Management: Create customized marketing campaigns to target new customers and drive sales
-No More Chargebacks: The possibility of credit card disputes and chargeback fraud is removed on Cash Tech, improving merchants’ bottom line.



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