CSP DAO invests in Boson Protocol

We are proud to announce Boson Protocol as an addition to our portfolio.

Boson Protocol is decentralized infrastructure for automating commercial exchanges.
Boson Protocol eliminates intermediaries, whilst minimizing arbitration and rent extraction.

It does so by tokenizing future commitments to trade as NFT vouchers, which are governed by a novel dynamic game. Boson enables the creation of a new class of commercial apps which can buy or sell any thing, with minimized cost and trust.

- Smart contracts are disconnected from real world commerce missing a 30T dollars market opportunity.
- Current oracle solutions has two problem facets
*Real world data –Smart contracts can’t trust real world data sources
*Real world assets –Smart contracts can’t trust real world asset exchanges
- There is no practical solution for decentralized exchange of real world assets as
*For Real world data: Oracles easily connect smart contracts to data sources.
*For Real world assets: Arbitrated protocols add cost and friction to asset exchanges.

Introducing Boson Protocol — Decentralized infrastructure for the autonomous exchange of digital value with physical things & their data

Key Features:
- Minimal Cost Requirement
- Minimal Trust Requirement
- Maximum Reliability
- Rich Data
- Watch Product Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XUIr2sDH-4

Technology Stack:
- Non-Fungible Token vouchers –Interoperable NFT vouchers represent a two-sided commitment to transact.
- Exchange mechanism –Novel game mechanism exchanges digital value for any thing, with autonomous dispute mediation requiring arbitration for minimal exceptions only.
- Token model –Variant of Curated Proofs Market, optimizes objective function to maximize quality redemption transactions.
- Web3 data marketplace –Monetizes consumer product preference data in a self-sovereign and privacy preserving way.

Go-to-market / Market Size:
Winner-takes-all opportunity for decentralized autonomous commerce protocol & data marketplace
- Innovators -Crypto projects & protocols
- Early adopters –Crypto Exchanges, Crypto credit cards, Challenger banks
- Early Majority –Banks, Credit cards, Automotive, Loyalty, Telcos
- Late Majority –Planetary-scale: commerce protocol, -commerce data marketplace




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