CSP DAO invests in Apollo Protocol (AOX)

We are proud to announce Apollo Protocol ($AOX) as an addition to our portfolio.

Apollo is a rebasing seigniorage share model capturing the value of a world wealth index from a basket of stable assets (natural resources, multiple countries GDP, multiple currencies), creating a future proof and innovative unit of account for the digital asset revolution.

Apollo (AOX) is not pegged solely to legacy assets (like USD), but not AOX constrained by 100% collateralization (like Maker DAO), or being solely subjective by being 100% synthetic (like Ampleforth). Apollo melds multiple models together to create the ideal mix of a synthetic base, collateralization, decentralization, and robust ecosystem. The model takes the best of multiple leading digital assets and creates an optimized new ecosystem that integrates.


  • Permanently locked liquidity: creating a price floor and collateralized value.
    -Elastic supply Seigniorage Governance Token (AOZ): allowing for aligned incentives within the ecosystem and a decentralized universal digital asset.
    -Standard supply ERC20 Currency Token (AOY): This token can instantly be used in any ecosystem and stays pegged to $1.00 USD and eventually will also include tokens pegged to CNY and EUR.
    -Value based on a Dynamic Weighted Basket of Assets: The token AOX aims to track a diverse and responsive basket of assets from natural resources to GDP.




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