CSP DAO Introduction: The decentralized link between capital and top tier projects

4 min readJan 27, 2021


A quick introduction to the mechanics of the CSP DAO and the NEBO token

CSP DAO is a decentralized network that enables contributors to get early access to up-and-coming projects. We make it possible for established projects to get investments through our network, while empowering smaller contributors by enabling access to early-stage funding rounds.

The Problem

Both in traditional finance and in the crypto space, most projects get funded by VCs through several investment rounds. Most of the time, a limited, reputed number of people get access to invest in a project at a lower price before it launches.

Even though there is interest from smaller contributors to take part in these early rounds of funding, the amount of capital of a small contributor is limited. It is also difficult to safely navigate between the wide range of projects to invest in, while simultaneously securing an allocation from a project. The end result is often that smaller contributors aren’t able to partake in early-stage investments. And, besides time, one would need the right connections to even get in on these deals.

With that being said, facilitating the necessary work required for gathering a pool of smaller pledges takes a lot of time — extra time upcoming projects rarely have. Besides time, one would need the right connections to even get in on these deals. Even if the desire is there to have their tokens distributed amongst a bigger pool of people to better secure natural growth and decentralization, this is simply not an option for many.

So the question is: How do we enable most contributors to invest, while making sure up-and-coming projects reach their full investment potential in a distributed and decentralized matter?

The Solution

CSP DAO aims to challenge the traditional way of investing in seed, strategic and pre-sales. We are a network that is mutually beneficial for both upcoming projects and con.

Instead of having just a few big contributions in a project, CSP DAO makes it possible for a decentralized network of people to pool smaller amounts together into a big pool. This ensures a more healthy ecosystem of distributed contributors for the project, while giving smaller contributors a chance to invest.

Our expertise lies within our network, which is core in the value we provide. The power of the CSP DAO is the due diligence and vetting of the projects we review and present for our community before we secure an allocation. We aim only for the most promising, established projects with the most innovative technology in the space, which also is reflected by our portfolio and history.

After our review, we preview the pledge with our community members, and members vote on whether we should acquire a pool or not. If a pledge is accepted by the community, we continue to the next step, and open the pool for investments.

How it Works and How to get Started

CSP DAO utilizes a decentralized approach to fundraising. This approach is powered by the NEBO token, which is CSP DAOs official token. The NEBO token is a utility token that grants you access to different membership tiers within the CSP DAO ecosystem.

In order to access the different tiers, you need to hold a certain amount of NEBO tokens in your Metamask wallet. After you acquire the necessary tokens you need to join a membership tier, you simply complete the steps with a bot that verifies the amount of tokens you hold. You are then granted membership status in our Discord and can access the benefits of your tier.

Membership Tiers and Benefits

☘️ Intern — 100 NEBO tokens.
This tier gets access to the remaining allocation not filled by the tiers above.

☘️ Associate — 1000 NEBO tokens.
This tier gets 10% of deals allocation reserved equally among members.

☘️ Principal — 2500 NEBO tokens.
This tier gets 15% of deals allocation reserved equally among members.

☘️ Partner — 5000 NEBO tokens.
This tier gets 25% of deals allocation reserved equally among members.

☘️ Senior-Partner — 10000 NEBO tokens.
This tier gets 50% of deals allocation reserved equally among members.

☘️ Top 10 Holders
Access to exclusive deals not available in other tiers. This tier also includes voting right for the future of the NEBO Reserve.

The NEBO token is available on Uniswap:


We take a lot of pride in the partnerships we have acquired and the due diligence we do in order to ensure the quality and security of our partners. Here are a few examples of the deals we have secured, including the ATH multiplier since the CSP DAO investment price.

Our portfolio crosses most industries and borders. Find out which companies we have invested in across the world on our website: cspdao.network

Important CSP DAO links:

Buy NEBO token here.
Coingecko link here.
Dextools link here.
Etherscan link here.

Official CSP DAO channels:

Website: https://cspdao.network/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/csp_dao
Telegram: https://t.me/CSPAMARoom
Discord: https://discord.gg/spCCSF3
Medium: https://medium.com/@cspdao