AMA with Peri Finance

Nebo: @garethbowlesperi Welcome to our community! It’s great to have to here. Thanks for joining us!

Gareth: Thanks for having me!

Nebo: Could you introduce yourself and explain your role within Peri Finance?

Gareth: Sure, I’m Gareth Bowles. And I have worked at financial service, especially in various fin-tech based companies.
I’m now at PERI Finance as a Co-founder since this January and looking for the solution in DeFi.
I believe that cryptocurrency still has a huge potentiality, so my role in PERI Finance is planning overall project to make this possibility real.

Nebo: I believe so too — there’s a a lot of room for growth for crypto

Gareth: Indeed!

Nebo: So the next question is could you explain what is Peri Finance? And what are you guys trying to solve :)

Gareth: Glad to. PERI Finance is to build all kinds of synthetic assets DEX on Polkadot.
We’re building a synthetic asset DEX where everyone is able to collateralize PERI, USDC and NFT to seize the opportunity of on/off chain and traditional finance/non-finance assets’ value fluctuation.
The platform will provide both simple and leveraged synthetix assets called Pynths,
and this will attract arbitrageurs and increase the trade volume, benefitting the stakers.

Nebo: and this is much needed for Polkadot since it’s still in its early stage right?

Gareth: Yes it is, so we’re going to deploy with the Polkadot’s schedule.

Nebo: Great! When is the platform scheduled to go live? Also what can we expect from Peri Finance in the long term? What’s your roadmap like? Any important event coming up?

Gareth: I will explain the PERI’s future with our roadmap:
2Q 2021: Staking dApp launch on Ethereum Mainnet, DAO launch
3Q 2021: DEX dApp launch on Polkadot parachain Mainnet, add NFT synthetic asset
4Q 2021: Add Perpetual Futures swap

Currently, our teams are focusing on the PERI dApp launch.
Also, we keep making a partnership with different teams to make PERI Finance for a better platform.

Nebo: Excellent! I’m sure the community has a lot of questions to ask so let’s have them!

Member 1: Can you name some competitors that you have on the market? What advantages do you have compares to other competitors?

A: Yes we have various competitors like Synthetix, Yearn Finance, Curve and so on. But lots of DeFi protocols whose making synthetic assets are only providing plain synthetic assets.
We will build leveraged synthetic assets, Perpetual Futures on PERI, without staking again.

Member 2: I see the projects on the AMA being discussed very actively and there is a lot of promise that it will be revolutionary and to be rolled out in the coming year! But so far very few projects have been implemented, so what practical direction is there for this Peri project for the coming years? namely in this year 2021 and 2022?

A: As I answered from the previous question about the future roadmap, PERI Finance is making a dApp to enable staking an it will be launched soon.
And I will give some our project’s sample shots below:

Member 3: Smart contracts are susceptible to failure and many projects fall victim to this, costing users money and the project discrediting. How reliable and secure is your smart contract? Have you tested it through any of the parties?

A: We are well aware that there are some hackings and exploits happening on other DeFi project. We have all our smart contracts audited by 3rd party. We are focusing on adding protection codes to the smart contracts for all known issues. The biggest challenge on dev is to add more developers to speed up the development. I believe every project is facing same issues as like us.

Member 4: Wanna know investor and partners behind PERI finance

A: We have various partnerships as our main page’s partnership section, including LD Capital, OneBlock, MXC, Ruby Capital, Dasheng Capital and more.
We value the partners who can help the project grow and will keep add Parachain to the partner groups.
We believe we can make the project successful with our partners.

Member 5: Q: How many exchanges are you aiming PERI token to be listed at the end of 2021? What is your listing strategy?

A : We are planning to list as many as possible this year, currently we are talking to 4~5 exchanges and will chase more than 3 top tier exchanges additionally. We believe listing $PERI on as many exchange as possible is the best way to make the ecosystem grow.

Member 6: All tokens go down in price even with great partnerships, hype, marketing, and working products, etc . So, what the challenges are you facing now and the plan to make $PERI strong and popular in crypto world in the next 1 year ?

A: Yes, actually most of cryptocurrencies’ price tends to fluctuate depending on Bitcoin’s price. But judging for the long-term movement, hype projects like Uniswap and Chainlink are stedily go up.

We are going to stay firm with our strategies and plannings that we’ve set at the very begining. So the market fluctuation won’t affect us in a great deal. Will definitely focus on our roadmap and commit to our mission to take the Defi to the next level.

We believe that when we launch a reliable dApp on the crypto ecosystem. Our price will also can grow up gradually. So please give PERI Finance a keep support!

Member 7: What are the ways for your project to generate revenue in the long run? What is the progress of business development and what are some of your commercial partnerships?

A: At the moment we will try to build business by brining together different partners from exchanges to VCs and oracle which will show the value of all the assets created.
First, Peri finance will generate by minting synthetic assets of digital assets such as cryptos and NFTs and will continue to expand to S&P 500 and equities like apple and tesla.



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