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7 min readMar 4, 2021

Nebo: Robert, Charles, Kaue Welcome to our community. Thanks a lot for being here. Let’s start!

Nebo: Can you briefly introduce yourselves and your role within Jigstack?

Charles: Hello all, I am Charles Robinson and I do business development with Jigstack. I’ve been in cryptocurrency and distributed ledger for six years and I joined the Jigstack because of the amazing team, the amazing vision, and the amazing opportunity that decentralized finance is going to offer us. JS will open up decentralized finance to everyone like never before

Kaue: Hi everyone. I’m Kaue, Lead Eth Dev @ Jigstack, and I’ve been around the space since 2016 combining blockchain with various use cases. From these last couple of years up until now, DeFi has been getting more and more present in my daily life.

Robert: Hi guys. I’m Roby Weir COO of JigStack. Great to be here and happy to answer any of your questions 👌 My background has been in building start ups for over the last 10 years. From an idea stage to being globally successful. I am a huge believer in DAO governance and see it as the future model for companies going forward.

Nebo: Very impressive! Can you explain what is Jigstack and how does it work?

Robert: Sure… Jigstack is the first decentralized Ethereum-based DAO (autonomous organization) with a conglomerate structure. Its purpose is to govern a range of high quality defi products. We see ourselves as the Microsoft of Defi.

Nebo: Can you explain what kind of defi products and how do you govern them?

Robert: Jigstack will house a myriad of Ethereum based commercial tools operating under the governance of the Jigstack DAO. Additionally, the infrastructure encompasses a single revenue and governance feed, orchestrated via the native Jigstack (stak) token. Our first product Lemonade is a launchpad which we will be running our public sale on in the coming weeks. Additional products including our wallet and staking platform will be launching in the coming months. Exciting times ahead 👍

Nebo: Sounds exciting indeed. There are many launchpads currently, do you consider them as competition? If so, how do you plan to excel and convince high quality projects to go through Lemonade?

Charles: That’s a great question. Our advantage is we will have speed to market. I have launched tokens for example on Other major platforms and it is taken literally months to get something going. Our overhead will be so much lower and our users will specifically be able to focus on our platforms with their input. Lemonade and our other platforms are geared to the new as well as sophisticated users. Also We will have multi-chain capabilities through Polygon, Hedera and others. So if our users want to bypass expensive Ethereum gas fees and longer response times they can use our other platforms. Also our UI and UX are state of the art and geared towards Mobile.

Nebo: Excellent, we’ll be looking forward to it. Is TGE around the corner? What can we expect from Jigstack in the near future? What are your plans?

Robert: We are biting to bits to announce our TGE but are in final stages of internal DD. But it is right around the corner and our announcement will be early next week. In regards to future plans we are busy developing 4 products that will sit under the Jigstack umbrella including our Wallet and Staking Platform which is keeping us all on our toes. We also have some great discussion with additional partners which we will be announcing soon as well. Never a slow day in the Jigstack house at the moment but that is how we like it.

Nebo: That’s nice, I’m sure many can’t wait for your launch and see which projects will be offered on Lemonade! Can you explain $STAK ‘s utility?

Charles: Sure as a governance token STAK will be listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges it will have voting rights and also receive the lion’s share of decentralized commissions from users that transact on our various products and platforms. Our DAO will govern this behavior and our community will be greatly involved in setting the rules and standards of our operations. We will be DAO of Defi. We can’t wait to show you how our governance is next-gen!

Nebo: Sounds like exciting times are coming for Jigstack! I’m sure the community has a lot of questions to ask so let’s have them!

Member 1: Will Jigstak eventually provide a means for 3rd party dapps to join under the jigstack banner, i.e through an incubator, partnership arrangement or providing an SDK?

Charles: Ethereum is the granddad so we need to be on Ethereum but also we are on Hedera and Polygon and other platforms soon to be announced. Yes we will eventually have an SDK and APIs.

Member 2: When you say as Microsoft for Defi, do you have big partnerships? Any news soon?

Robert: When we say Microsoft we are talking about the standard of brand that people will trust and recognise. Big shows to fill but our model and products have similar attributes of those that sit under Microsoft. By both being independent or working together to further improve peoples lives.

Charles: Also we now own and through our media arm we will be adding much value to our customers that launch through Lemonade and who market through Ethlink. Something we haven’t talked about yet today.

Kaue: Lemonade is meant to support other projects from the get go. Even before launching a campaign , serious devs have access to ICORatings and other means of divulgation and marketing. SDK is something for the future.

Member 3: Aside from Lemonade, Ethlink and Laundry, are there other planned products that will bring new innovation to the blockchain space?

Robert: Absolutely and one of the products launching soon will involve a new way t easily bring new user into the crypto/blockchain eco-system. Name and Product info we will be announcing very soon on our tech roadmap.

Member 4: Is Jigstak already in talks with other projects to launch their token on lemonade?

Robert: Yes we are and again as a token holder of #stak you will be getting early confirmation and access to our whitelisting solution on lemonade to reserve your spot.

Kaue: Yep, we’re currently talking to multiple serious projects in the ecosystem about future lanches.

Nebo: Great point Charles, I forgot to ask. Can you explain further how will be used to your advantage?

Charles: Sure, will have an amazing article about each token issued and also through our affiliated marketing platform ETHLink. We will also be rating and ranking other industry ICO launches as usual. So there is a win-win and synergy of combining our media arm with our cryptocurrency services arm.

Member 5: Do you have any plans to continue working with CSP DAO in future?

Nebo: I’m sure there are many ways in which we could work together. To be discussed soon :)

Robert: Haha just about to write the same. Synergy is there ;)

Member 6: Is there ongoing private sale or you have closed all rounds?

Robert: Our private rounds are closed. We actually sold out very fast and ended up oversubscribing.

Member 6: Do we have any numbers? What were the private rounds prices like and how many tokens did you sell, or in other words, what's the correct pre TGE marketcap

Robert: Here is an outlay of our seed and private rounds.

Member 7: Security & User Interface are the Most Important Aspect that Users see on a platform. How has JIGSTACK worked on this? How reliable and adaptive is JIGSTACK platform to new members in crypto?

Charles: Reinhard that is an important question. We are doing multiple audits of our smart contracts and the team is also very security minded having some security specialists on board. We’re also in talks for state of the art encryption. Stay tuned for more on that we want to be the most secure DAO in Defi.

Member 8: Jigstack is a decentralized Ethereum-based DAO with a conglomerate structure — can you elaborate on what you mean by a conglomerate structure?

Charles: For sure. We are a conglomerate because we are incorporating information on others DAO’s in the Defi space. Kind of like Defi Pulse. We are inviting other Defi dapps to interact with our platforms.

Member 9: What will you do to hold the token value rising? Buy back? Burn?

Robert: Yes! 20% off all revenue made from our products will be bought back and burnt. The remaining 80% gets distributed to token holders.

Member 10: I see 3b tokens. Your thoughts of lowering it to 100m or 300m?

Robert: We didn’t think of lowering the supply. Like sure there is always merit but we set out with our model and will see it through.

Nebo: 🔥 That’s a wrap everyone! Thank you all for participating! Thanks again to Jigstack for attending the AMA and answering ALL of our questions. 👏👏

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Robert: Thanks for having us.

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