Nebo: Hello Savo, thanks for being with us today! Let us know when you’re ready to start.

Savo: Hey guys, Glad to be here, let’s start ⚡️

Nebo: Perfect. Could you briefly introduce yourself and your role within dFund?

Savo: My name is Savo Vukcevic, The CEO of dFund. I come from the legacy finance world mostly and I am a hedge fund manager in real life, the youngest hedge fund manager of all time actually. dFund is an all encompassing DeFi platform which I imagine as the bridge between the legacy finance world and crypto, and in order to accomplish that you need people who are experienced in both. For example, I am a hedge fund manager and advised some of the biggest investment banks in the world but I also worked for some of the biggest crypto projects ranging from privacy coins to stablecoins, including EURS, the largest euro backed stablecoin in the world, which also literally wrote the crypto laws and regulations for Malta, France, Germany and the EU basically. I created the whole idea for dFund and all of the features and concepts basically, so I guess you can say I am the “mastermind” behind the project and my team and I are turning it into a reality together.

Nebo: Interesting. What is dFund and how long you’ve been working on it?

Savo: We are trying to build something the world of DeFi has never seen before. I think we are one of the most ambitious projects out there. We are building an all encompassing platform, where any user can start their own hedge fund or invest in one. These hedge funds will be ranked by their performance and they are organized as DAO modules where you can set all terms and conditions such as success fees without any coding knowledge. There will also be a loans feature on the platform where anyone can borrow and lend money. Unlike Aave, where the protocol lends money and you just make a deposit, what we are building is true decentralization where you as a user directly lend money and set all terms and conditions for your loan, such as the interest rate and collateral requirement, which doesn’t even need to be 100% and it can be higher or lower than that, up to your wishes. Every borrower on the platform will have a credit rating, so if you never got liquidated and you always pay the interest in time etc then you will have something like a AAA+ credit rating which comes with incentives such as lower interest rates and lower collateral requirements. When you lend money, you can set the minimum credit rating required to take a loan. There will also be a secondary marketplace for synthetic assets were users will be able to sell their loans, kind of like the crypto version of the bond market. You can sell your loan and thereby delegate the waiting time and risk to the buyer while making a safe exit. As you can see, most of these things don’t exist yet in crypto, and those that do are scattered across 10 different projects, we are putting it all into a single all encompassing DeFi platform. I penned the first concept around 2 months ago and it has been in active development for 1 month now, and the presale just ended around 10 days ago.

Nebo: So you currently have no competitors out there building something similar?

Savo: Absolutely not. No competition. Some other projects are centered about something similar to some of our features but as I said each one of our features can be a standalone projects, most of the things we are building don’t exist yet, and those that do are scattered across like 10 standalone projects. No one else is building such as all-encompassing platform combining all of these DeFi products and services into one.

Nebo: Understood. Could you explain the utility of the token?

Savo: DFND token is the most important part of our ecosystem. Regarding the use case of tokens, they are instrumental to the platform, so in a way it is both a currency and a utility token, users will need to lock up DFND tokens if they want to start a decentralized hedge fund, borrowers will need to deposit DFND tokens as collateral for loans, lenders can require borrowers to pay interest in DFND tokens, decentralized hedge funds can choose to pay out profits in DFND tokens, and only users who have DFND tokens will be able to vote in DAO and governance models, also you will need them for trading on the secondary marketplace. This is both a use case and a bull case, as this ensures a large percentage of tokens is locked up, creating scarcity and therefore putting positive / upwards pressure on the tokens price. So don’t worry it’s not like a token that’s only issued to raise capital and then it has no use case except to dump it or trade it on exchanges for speculation, you can ofc also do that if you want, but it also has an actual use case as you need DFND tokens in order to do pretty much anything on the platform :)

Nebo: I hear that TGE is around the corner — Is there a date set yet?

Also, what can we expect from dFund in the near future? What are your plans?

Savo: The exact date and platform for the IDO will be announced shortly.

We are focused on having a successful IDO now, after that we will announce exchanges listings (both dex’s and centralized exchanges) and some major partnerships. From then on we plan to have a closed beta / MVP running in Q2.

Nebo: Awesome, feels like the best is yet to come! I’m sure the community has a lot of questions to ask so let’s have them!

Member 1: I am a crypto investor and I only care about prospect of a crypto that I chose, tell me the reason why I should choose your token over the existing one? What is your token advantage that can convince me to change from my favorite token?

Savo: Because your favorite token doesn’t have the functionality that we will have, no one else is building this. So if you want to use this functionality and our platform you will need DFND. I think a proposition of being able to invest in and manage decentralized hedge funds, direct p2p lending and synthetic marketplace combined into one user-friendly platform is very attractive and not that easy to pass on

Member 2: Hedge Fund management is a serious business and needs experts with many years of experience to gain trust of investors. How are you planning to onboard top billed fund managers into your ecosystem?

Savo: Depends what you mean by top billed, I know hedge fund managers who are the most well know people in the industry and they have an ROI of 1% per year. I don’t consider someone whose returns are 1% per year good at their job no matter how famous they are. We will let the markets decide, our platform is purely performance focused. So if your decentralized hedge fund on the platform makes 50% and someone else’s makes 10% your fund will be higher up and more visible on the platform so people can filter through options and choose the best funds

Member 3: I see why dFund would be attractive to investors, many of whom would not be able to invest in hedge funds otherwise, but what’s in it for the hedge fund managers?

Savo: I decided to start this project to give people a chance to leverage all of Blockchain’s potential to improve many aspects of traditional finance and fund management industry. For hedge fund managers the motivation would be same as for investors, in real life it’s realistically very hard to start a competitive hedge fund unless you have millions of dollars in start up capital. Here you will be able to start your hedge fund with for example as little as $100. But I don’t want to go with a “we are here to destroy the legacy system” narrative. I thin legacy and crypto need to co-exist. I want to build something that can be used by both reddit traders and the biggest investment banks in the world, not either or.

Member 4: What is role of community in dFUND, While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Savo: Community comes first, we would not be in a position to build all of this if it wasn’t for our community and their support. Their feedback is the most important source of information on how to move forward with the project for us. Through our governance models, token holders will be able to directly dictate what we do and make important decisions about the project, including fire me or anyone else from the team. I also think we showed our dedication yo the community by not being too VC heavy and instead giving a large percentage of our allocation to small retail investors

Member 5: What is the importance of Dfund name ? How did you decide to use that name?

Savo: I think it’s a nice abbreviation of “decentralized fund”, and I think dFund sounds really catchy and easy to remember. I don’t like when people use complicated names like Goguen, I want to build a brand, I want everyone to be able to instantly recognize and memorize our name, and I think dFund really nice.

Member 6: Will the people who want to start hedge funds on the platform have to go through KYC? How do you plan on preventing Ponzi scams for example?

Savo: No KYC at all, it’s completely decentralized like UniSwap so no KYC. Hedge funds will invest through smart contracts so no possibility of any scams or ponzi scams.

That’s it for today guys! Thank you for the amazing questions and for showing a lot of interest in our project. I really appreciate it. And thank you to the hosts for organizing this. I’d also like to invite you to join our official telegram group and follow us on Twitter @dFundProject for all the most important announcements!


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