Unique Network Blockchain is an extension within the Polka Dot ecosystem that aims at establishing new foundations and standards for NFT based platforms. Unique Chain is developed in order to motivate the developers in the NFT domain for developing more unique and innovative ideas while providing them with the ease similar to that of Ethereum. The core components of the platforms are

NFT Pallet serves the same purpose as an ERC721, which is a standard for the formation of Non Fungible Tokens. It provides a base for creating, collecting, minting tokens, managing…

Nebo: @romkry Welcome to our community — Thanks a lot for joining us today

Roman: Hey CSP DAO @Moe_CSP thanks for having me! Glad to be here

Moe: Thanks for taking the time! — Can you please introduce yourself and your role @ Pollen?

Roman: Thanks Moe. I’m one of the co-founders and COO of Pollen. I started my career on Wall Street at Nasdaq. After that, I was one of the first 10 employees at Celsius Network and built their CEL token model and the economics around their borrowing and lending platform. …

Moe: Hi Raymond! Thanks for taking the time for this AMA session. The community is curious about the project and this will be a great opportunity to get some answers!

Raymond: Hi everyone, pleasure to be here, look forward to answering all of your questions

Moe: Can you briefly introduce yourself and your role @ Triall?

Raymond: Sure, my name is Raymond van der Waal and I’m co-founder and head of marketing at Triall.io. My background is in biomedical sciences and business management and I have previously built experience as a researcher, entrepreneur, and consultant

Moe: Thank you. Can you…

Nebo: @garethbowlesperi Welcome to our community! It’s great to have to here. Thanks for joining us!

Gareth: Thanks for having me!

Nebo: Could you introduce yourself and explain your role within Peri Finance?

Gareth: Sure, I’m Gareth Bowles. And I have worked at financial service, especially in various fin-tech based companies.
I’m now at PERI Finance as a Co-founder since this January and looking for the solution in DeFi.
I believe that cryptocurrency still has a huge potentiality, so my role in PERI Finance is planning overall project to make this possibility real.

Nebo: I believe so too — there’s…

Nebo: @Sash0i @vgelton Welcome to our community! It’s great to have you here with us today.

Elton: Thank you for the invite! It’s great to be here with you guys

Sash: Hey guys I’m Sash the COO of Spherium finance, here to answer any of your questions.

Moe: Hello guys, thanks for being with us!

Could you please briefly explain what you guys are trying to build @ Spherium?

Elton: Sure, we are trying to build a complete suite of financial services comprising a universal wallet, token swap platform, money markets, and inter-blockchain liquidity transfer.

We are trying to solve…

Nebo: @Nevermind_AI Hi Marcello, thanks a lot for joining us today.

Marcello: Hello, thanks for having me :)

Nebo: Great. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about your role within SingularityDAO?

Marcello: For sure :)

My name is Marcello Mari, I’m the Director of Comms at SingularityNET as well as the CEO of SingularityDAO….yes I like to keep my self very busy 🤣

I was one of the first employee of SingularityNET in 2017, did the original ICO when we raised 36mln in 66 seconds and had fun babysitting the robot Sophia for the months of the ICO.

CAG: @leo_impelizieri @ViniciusVasc Welcome to our community!

It’s great to have you here with us today — thanks for attending.

Leonardo: Hello, everyone! It’s a pleasure to be here today. Thank you for your time and opportunity

Vinicius: Hi everyone, nice to meet you all!

CAG: Let’s start then 🙂

Could you please introduce yourselves and explain your role within NFTFY?

Leonardo: I’m Leonardo, CEO and co-founder of Nftfy. I’m an Electronic Engineer, but since 2018 I’ve been fully connected to the crypto market, when I joined BlockchainBH as Head of innovation and founded my first startup in the crypto…

Nebo: Hello Savo, thanks for being with us today! Let us know when you’re ready to start.

Savo: Hey guys, Glad to be here, let’s start ⚡️

Nebo: Perfect. Could you briefly introduce yourself and your role within dFund?

Savo: My name is Savo Vukcevic, The CEO of dFund. I come from the legacy finance world mostly and I am a hedge fund manager in real life, the youngest hedge fund manager of all time actually. dFund is an all encompassing DeFi platform which I imagine as the bridge between the legacy finance world and crypto, and in order to…

Eric: Hello everyone!

Nebo: Welcome Eric! Thanks for being with us today. Let us know when you’re ready!

Eric: I am ready.

Nebo: Awesome. Could you please introduce yourself and explain your role within Bitspawn.

Eric: My name is Eric Godwin, I am the Founder of Bitspawn. I have been involved in the crypto space since 2015 and I am a former competitive gamer.

I lead the team and product development for Bitspawn.

Nebo: Cool — could you briefly explain what is Bitspawn and how did it start?

Eric: Bitspawn is an open-source gaming protocol built with the goal of…

CSP DAO is glad to welcome Crypto Daku as a new partner. Sharing valuable knowledge between our communities will lead to a wider range of investment opportunities and making these earlier and easier access.

Crypto Daku

Crypto Daku is an enormous cryptocurrency community which operates on two Telegram groups. With over 40 000 members from all around the world, the community has already conducted over 200 AMA’s with many different projects since 2018. Besides AMA’s they also add value by supporting projects with marketing, branding, strategy and communication.

Their impressive and extensive network helps them get in touch with interesting…


Decentralized Fundraising Platform

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